Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Break Plans (Evolve into Summer plans and lifestyle change)

Wow, the wait to break is literaly begining to kill me. But, today I had some relief when my dad thought about my plan. My plan was heading down to the coast to surf. This would be raw greatness if we follow through with it. I would of course have to buy a wet suit but still.

I want to start living the surfer life style. Yeah, that's going to be hard living in suburban Dallas. But, heck, I can drive now, hince I think I can pull it off. I want to go down there for a couple of days over the Christmas break and do nothing but surf, none of the the touristy stuff, all I want to do is eat sleep and surf.

My plans for this summer is even better. Every other weekend or so I'm going to head down to Mustang Island State Park and sleep on the beach. It only cost $8 a night. I'm going to head down friday immediately after football get there around three and surf the rest of the day. Once the sun sets I'm going to roast weenies over a driftwood fire. That is the life, and I want to live it. I think some weekends I'm going to pull a hermit and go by myself. Other weekends I'll bring a friend. I might have to teach a buddy or two how to surf so I can have a surfing buddy with me sometimes. But, I do have some buddies who do surf already and I'll try to bring them down from time to time. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll post about each adventure upon my return.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome to Uncle Sam's Bail with Out the Bond

Our country's obsession with bailing stuff out of late is crazy dumb. It actually might of been good for wall street because its the same as if some one invested 23 billion dollars in it. But, the bail out for the auto-industry is a terrible idea.

The reason why this is bad is that if they're going down its just delaying the inevitable. If they're going to pull out of this mess, with the gas prices the way they're heading now I don't see why not, they will and the peoples investing in the auto industry is simply a waste of money.

All three of the "big three" could afford to drop some brands. I mean for Ford, they can drop Mercury, there top seller is basicaly a Torus. GM could drop Pontiac, acourse Chevy would have to absorb the solstice. And Chrysler could drop some of there sedan models.

My only fear is what a merger would do to the level of competion in NASCAR. They're already banning testing this year. I'm really begining to fear the future of my favortie sport.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nault's Top 25 Most Wanted Sport Tickets

1. Daytona 500
2. Indy 500
3. Super Bowl
4. Grand Prix of Monaco
5. NCAA Final Four
6. The Quicksilver Open at Sunset
7. BCS Championship Game
8. Kentucky Derby
9. Masters
10. Winter X Games
11. Summer X Games
12. Sharpie 500 @ Bristol Motorspeedway
13. Mountain Dew 500 @ Taledega
14. NFC Championship Game
15. U.S. Open
16. British Open
17. Preakness Stakes
18. Red Bull Air Race
19. World of Outlaws World Finals
20. PBR World Finals
21. U.S. Grand Prix of Snowboarding
22. Breeders Cup
23. 24 Hour of Le Mans*
24. 12 Hour of Sebring*
25. 24 Hour of Daytona*
Honorable Mention: British Moto Grand Prix, AFC Championship Game, Red Bull X Fighters, Monster Jam
*Put at bottom because these are long events which might not be that great in person.