Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Willie Says It Best

Ain't it convient when the great Willie Nelson writes a song 20 some ought years ago to describe your current situation. Well, Willie wrote so many songs that its hard to be in a situation where you can't look at Willie for emotional help. He's there for me right now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Most kids enjoy a variety of music. Therefore a format change in their favorite radio station doesn't bug 'em much. How ever, I am musicaly close minded. I listened to one station pretty much day and night for three years. I remember discovering Cowboy 1190 while studying for my 7th grade midterms. It helped me get a's/ high b's on all of them.

Cowboy 1190 was the only way I could get to sleep with a mind full of thoughts and concerns. Cowboy was my gateway to the past. It's the only station that would play the greats of country. And, no, damn it, Rascal Fatts are not country, damn it. I really don't think I'd be the person I am with out Cowboy. I mean the morals in those songs kinda formed me into being the Nault.

How it went out was kind of expected but still I hoped on, like a fool. The week leading up to the good Cowboy's demise they started rolling promo's talking of a CNN 1190. I hoped that they where just going to get news breaks from the Communist News Network on the half hour or something. But midnight Sunday night, March 30th the truth hit me like a 20lb hammer. They started playing promo music I just assumed that they had problem switching tracks, I was dead wrong. The next voice on what I knew was the shrill voice of a witch saying, "Hello, I'm Nancy Grace". That was the biggest insult ever. Not only did CNN take over MY station, they welcomed the new with my least favorite television personlaity. Now, I really don't like Nancy at all.

People on the VH1 are always complaining about how music in America is dieing. Well, I bet those hip-hop tools would never stand up for the Cowboy. They would let it fade, and consider it lame. They'll probably show country diversity in their line up by puttin' on some Taylor Swift, Rascal Fatts or Keith Urban. But, if they're country, i'll kiss your ass. I'm really going to miss hearing REAL country on my radio. Yeah, the Wolf get's it close, but they still play those sell outs. I really don't think they're going to be another Cowboy.

The last song they played was "Last Cowboy Song" by Ed Bruce.