Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Redneck's View on Emo Kids.... and digresions to other sub-cultures

Emo kids bring up a lot of memories. I remember my first encounter with an emo kid. It was the 6th and he was the first and only one i knew. It was scary, I mean the only thing I'd ever heard of guys who wore nothing but black and wore make up. The first thing that came to mind was witchcraft. But, when I found out the truth i was way more boring. These kids are the ultimate losers.

Having the one emo kid was pretty cool I mean, at least the one emo kid factor didn't get old. But once I started heading out to the real word (the malls) it got old. I noticed these kids. All of them thought that they were rebels and all. But, the truth is, that sometimes, emo kids make up the majority of the people at the mall. Now, at less if it is a very good rebellion, how could it be a majority. All of the are thinking that they're being unique by being cool. But in realty everyone trying to be unique has gotten everyone to be the same.

I mean this trend started with the emo kids than it progressised to the happier kids of society. Being unique isn't being unique anymore they'rs a hole lot of kids who think they're indie (not the cool Indy as in the car) by wearing converse and tight pants. But, how are you being independent if your dressing how everyone else is. IRONY TOP SCORE. Indie is trendy. Your not being cool by dressing like the chick on "Juno", which I never saw. Wow, I guess I'm the real indie kid out they're. Coming to think of it who else wears boots and camo hats to the mall...... NO ONE, yea thats right just me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's gotten to the point were no one is that no one is showing their induviduality by how they dress. Most kids dress the same way. Except for a few people, my self included. And those kids who do stand out, like myself, are riduculed for doing so by the kids who pride everything they do on trying to be unique. Now, i guess this is just societal irony.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mount Everest Trip Analogy

I've noticed something wrong with the male race. See, I don't notice these things often but, when I notice them and i ain't got nothing to do with them, I feel that they must be addressed. Well, I've noticed a lot of bitterness towards ex-girlfriends. This really makes no since, I mean I'm sure there's certain situations that dictate something like this, but what a lot of dudes do, really ain't right. It's like a tourist being angry at their tour guide of Mount Everest just because the tour ended.

So, you and the tour guide struggle to get up the mountain together, both of y'all working together to get to what's at top. Yea, their might be some disagreements on the way their, some stalling, and some second thoughts. But, nonetheless, the two of y'all make it to the destination, the peak of Mount Everest. Once their you really enjoy it, both of y'all. It's just a feeling of accomplishment, and a feeling of being on top of the world, it is Everest after all. You think that that's were you want to be. But than, the guide decides to back down. Of course you follow slowly, not wanting to leave. But, your guide goes down alone. You take your time hoping that the guide will turn around and lead you back up to the mountain, but through the blizzard you can't see the guide, but still you hope and continue to descend the rocky slope as slowly as possible. Once on the ground you can decide to thank your guide for the trip, and stay in touch, secretly hoping that you'll be invited back again. Or, you can complain that the trip was to short and demand a refund, holding an internal grudge, telling your friends to avoid that guide service if at all possible.

I know that this may or may not make since, yea, its a stretch of analogy. But really, it's true. I really hope that if you have feelings like that toward an ex that this helps you put how wrong what your doing into perspective.

George Strait- Leve You With A Smile