Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Review: 10,000 B.C.

*** (out of 5*)
Low budget acting+big budget fx= one hell of a man film

What everyone thought of would just be a typical caveman movie (lost world, 10 Million Years B.C.) turned out to be a beautiful master piece. However, at the beginning the plot moves slowly if not at all. But once it gets going you'll find yourself trying to piece together ancient prophecy of freeing slaves from an early Egypt.

Just if you plan on seeing this don't expect it to be historically accurate. I started out doing that, but than it just turned out letting me down on that. It's historic fantasy, 110%. Also, don't be one of those liberal jerk wads who want a movie to send a political message about the eviroment, or how America is evil. Because you won't get that. Instead, go to enjoy a film, don't look at it like art. It's just a fun film. IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS. The Dallas Morning news guy also didn't like Walk Hard, so that tells you how good he is.

Highlight: The epic mammoc scenes.

Lo light: The historical inaccuracy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'd like to withdrawl a comment

In my blog from the other week I said Obama was a Muslim. Now it is clear that he's not. Rather he goes to a church where the preacher man talks about how evil the white man and America is. Sorry for mixin that up

My First Time: Formula One Race

This Saturday night/ Sunday Morning i watched my first Formula One race. It was the Grand Prix of Australia. I want to open up by saying it was different than any other kind of racing I've seen before. Besides the obvious difference, being the type of cars and the accents, there was some very shocking differences than any other kind of American racing.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that nobody holds a line. Well, I guess they do, but it's the same line. Which makes passing very difficult and very fun to watch

Also, the cars have less restrictions. Unlike any circuit in America the teams are free to screw around with the aerodynamics as much as they want. The BMW's took great advantage of them. You outta look how messed up there front wing looked compared to the Indy car. However the Ferrari's didn't take advantage of this rule and they kept there wing pretty plain looking. They didn't have a single car finish the race. Also, there is not a set wheel base or axis location, giving teams freedom to pick where they want there wheels to be. But, from the pre race it seems like everyone is forced to used the same set-up through the whole 18 race circuit.

Another thing that surprised me is the diversity of manufactures. Cars from 3 continents, none from the US.

Also, there are no drivers from the US. I was wandering if that means we're bad drivers or something than I thought about it than I came to a conclusion. F1 is the worlds grandest racing circuit, but to Americans it's considered a b-league. I mean, we specialise in oval racing. Road racing is somewhat a novelty. Both forms are equally great and require the same amount of talent.

The terminology in F1 is different as well. They called there drivers pilots, I was kinda thrown off by that one. They have a safety car instead of a pace car. This difference in name makes since. They only have the car come out when a tow-truck is required. They don't use it to pace, rather they follow it to avoid workers and other stuff. Heck, they don't pace at all. They start from a standing start.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Why he's dangerous: Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama has a lot of support right now from young people. Which is more than enough to prove that he's dangerous. Yes, I'm in that age group that is behind the sauces of Obama. But, PLEASE let me be the voice of reasoning. I know that most, if not all, of you guys reading this aren't old enough to vote, but still listen. I want you to know whats really going on with this man. He's dangerous.

The first thing that makes him dangerous is his inexperience. He's been an U.S. Junior Senator for two years. Yes, he served in his state senate for a number of years. But honestly, I think you guys are smart enough to know about what the State Senate talks about. It's all about what to name highways and how much money should go to the public schools. Yea, there's a fine line between funding schools and funding the best military in the world.

Another thing that makes him dangerous is his socialistic ideas. Which is ironic, because he rips Bush 43' for deepening the debt. But, if you just take a quick peek in your history book than you'll discover what kind of civilizations have gone under because of economic problems you will discover that it's all military totalisator (which we're really not even close to) and socialist societies(which Obama wants). Why is this dangerous? Because it will bury the middle class. The rich people will have enough money to pay Obama's kind of taxes, the poor won't have to pay the taxes, and the middle class will be forced to pay it. The middle class contributes most to the economy. Like they buy cars from domestic automakers. If the middle class goes down, that means the whole economy will go on down with it.

I'll just brush over the sensitive object. He's pro-choice and isn't against partial birth abortions. He's Muslim. Muslims can do three things to infidels: tax, convert, and or kill. He plans to tax us, and tax us big, like I said above. He wants open borders. He wants to remove every man from the middle east. He doesn't want to touch Iran or North Korea.

The only reason he has any support is because he plays rock music at his rallies. He's a pop culture phenom. So was Britney Spears. Yes, I'm categorizing the two under the same category. Both have a lot of supports who really can't explain why they like 'em, except for saying "Obama rocks, that's why I like them. And if you don't your retarded". Come on! If that's a guy's supporters only argument for their support than I say Hulk Hogan should run for president. I mean after all, Hulkamania is still running wild and he's a real American. Obama doesn't even pledge allegiance to the flag. He doesn't have a single flag in his house.

Yes, I endorse Hulk Hogan for president. His vice president outta be Sgt. Slaughter. Just, what ever you do, don't vote/support Obama.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Obsession: NASCAR

NASCAR, has slowly taken over my life. An outsider would guess that there isn't much to keep up with. Than again, they don't call 'em outsiders for nothing.
The first thing I have to keep up with is what my favorite driver is doing this week in the Sprint Cup (NSCS). This means, what chassis Tony Stewart using, knowing what kinda set up he's using, weather the car's been running loose or tight in practice.
The next thing I always stay connected to is what's going on in the lower series. For me this only really means knowing the big names in the starting line ups for the Nationwide Series (NNS) and the Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS). Also, I watch these races. The NCTS races are really fun to watch. It's mainly because they have less horses under the hood, this leads to tight racing, three wide in every corner. The NCTS is composed of up and coming talent. This includes young guns and older people who just haven't been able to get the recognition to race full time in the NSC. There's one big name racing in the NCTS, Kyle Busch. He's currently winning the series. This brings up the question if full time NSC people should be allowed to compete in one of the lower series. I think it's great, he doesn't win every race (well this season he's won two of three). The truck drives completely different than the new car in the NSC. It helps him gets familiar with the track that the NNS and the NCS most of the time are running on later on that weekend.
The NNS always is exciting racing. On average twelve big names run in the races. Yes, most of the time one of them wins. The car in the NNS runs slightly different than the NCS's car. The NNS car has more down force. It's great to see what the future of the sport looks like by watching these races.
The Sprint Cup races make up my Sundays. I watch the three hour pre-race, the race, and the hour long post-race. The Sprint Cup is the highest level of racing in the world. If F-1 was the greatest wouldn't greats from the Cup leave to go race across the pond? F-1 is a great, really fun to watch. But, it doesn't have half the talent that NASCAR does. This can be proven by the fact that NASCAR runs road courses, which F-1 specialises in, but F-1 doesn't run ovals. I would pit the best road racers in NASCAR against the best drivers of F-1 any day of the week. TH ATS RIGHT I'M SAYING TONY STEWART WOULD BEAT MICHEAL SHOMACHER! No offense to F-1 fans, many of whom would agree. I plan on watching F-1 this season. They kick off next week end at the Australian Grand Prix, I'm new to watching F-1 but I'm really looking forward to it, along as it doesn't mess with me watching the Nationwide race.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Don't Get It: Non-verbal messages

Okay, some guys get 'em others don't. But, regardless chicks will through them out and expect for them to be interpreted. Now, I'm not saying that's wrong of them. I mean understand and I can be like that too, so can most guys. It's just I'm cool if they don't get it. I mean its non-verbal.

Okay so recently I've been getting some non-verbal signs. I mean some where obvious others weren't. But never the less I didn't act on 'em. So, it seems today that the same person is giving me a non-verbal message saying she's bitter. The degree of bitterness could not really be determined. That's just how bad I am at picking this stuff up. But, I really think that I screwed something really great up.

This post by no means is a public apology(because that would be lamed) . But, I feel like crap for screwing up like I did. After I figured out what I did, I never felt so humbled and so little. It ain't no one's fault. Yes, I'm more guilty than the other person.

The point that I'm making here is: gentleman, whenever you think you're getting a non-verbal message, act on it. Don't be extreme in how you act on it, but don't be to conservative (no, its a different meaning, noob) about it. And to the ladies I say, be more understanding if a dude doesn't pick up on something you're trying to throw out there. I mean you can still be upset about it but me more patient. Give him more time to pick up on the non-verbal message.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Movie Review: "The Other Boleyn Girl"

***(out of 5)
It's a story that all of us already know(well the the intellectual of us). But, director Justin Chadwick managed to put into into a almost two hour fairly entertaining film.
The acting was great, I mean it was an mostly Brit cast, and I have yet to see a truly bad Brit actor. On account of it's hard to tell how real they're being. But the non-Brits, such as Natalie Portman gave pretty poor performaces. Maybe that's just because I've seen Star Wars I-III to many times.
It's based on a British novel. But, how the novel is translated to the silver screen was probably a big time saver. It was full of details about the Boleyn family that will probably help me in a book report down the road.
The story line was great. It was full of a lot of twist. (maybe bordering on too many, but you can't change history) It was near impossible to tell what would happen next despite the fact that you knew how it was going to end.
It just barely short of five stars mostly because, well its a chick movie. And, as a macho-e man i will never give a chick movie more than three stars.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE FILM: The heads getting chopped off

LOW LIGHTS OF THE FILM: The middle where basically nothing happened but the dialogue went on anyways.