Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Obsession: NASCAR

NASCAR, has slowly taken over my life. An outsider would guess that there isn't much to keep up with. Than again, they don't call 'em outsiders for nothing.
The first thing I have to keep up with is what my favorite driver is doing this week in the Sprint Cup (NSCS). This means, what chassis Tony Stewart using, knowing what kinda set up he's using, weather the car's been running loose or tight in practice.
The next thing I always stay connected to is what's going on in the lower series. For me this only really means knowing the big names in the starting line ups for the Nationwide Series (NNS) and the Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS). Also, I watch these races. The NCTS races are really fun to watch. It's mainly because they have less horses under the hood, this leads to tight racing, three wide in every corner. The NCTS is composed of up and coming talent. This includes young guns and older people who just haven't been able to get the recognition to race full time in the NSC. There's one big name racing in the NCTS, Kyle Busch. He's currently winning the series. This brings up the question if full time NSC people should be allowed to compete in one of the lower series. I think it's great, he doesn't win every race (well this season he's won two of three). The truck drives completely different than the new car in the NSC. It helps him gets familiar with the track that the NNS and the NCS most of the time are running on later on that weekend.
The NNS always is exciting racing. On average twelve big names run in the races. Yes, most of the time one of them wins. The car in the NNS runs slightly different than the NCS's car. The NNS car has more down force. It's great to see what the future of the sport looks like by watching these races.
The Sprint Cup races make up my Sundays. I watch the three hour pre-race, the race, and the hour long post-race. The Sprint Cup is the highest level of racing in the world. If F-1 was the greatest wouldn't greats from the Cup leave to go race across the pond? F-1 is a great, really fun to watch. But, it doesn't have half the talent that NASCAR does. This can be proven by the fact that NASCAR runs road courses, which F-1 specialises in, but F-1 doesn't run ovals. I would pit the best road racers in NASCAR against the best drivers of F-1 any day of the week. TH ATS RIGHT I'M SAYING TONY STEWART WOULD BEAT MICHEAL SHOMACHER! No offense to F-1 fans, many of whom would agree. I plan on watching F-1 this season. They kick off next week end at the Australian Grand Prix, I'm new to watching F-1 but I'm really looking forward to it, along as it doesn't mess with me watching the Nationwide race.

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