Friday, March 14, 2008

Why he's dangerous: Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama has a lot of support right now from young people. Which is more than enough to prove that he's dangerous. Yes, I'm in that age group that is behind the sauces of Obama. But, PLEASE let me be the voice of reasoning. I know that most, if not all, of you guys reading this aren't old enough to vote, but still listen. I want you to know whats really going on with this man. He's dangerous.

The first thing that makes him dangerous is his inexperience. He's been an U.S. Junior Senator for two years. Yes, he served in his state senate for a number of years. But honestly, I think you guys are smart enough to know about what the State Senate talks about. It's all about what to name highways and how much money should go to the public schools. Yea, there's a fine line between funding schools and funding the best military in the world.

Another thing that makes him dangerous is his socialistic ideas. Which is ironic, because he rips Bush 43' for deepening the debt. But, if you just take a quick peek in your history book than you'll discover what kind of civilizations have gone under because of economic problems you will discover that it's all military totalisator (which we're really not even close to) and socialist societies(which Obama wants). Why is this dangerous? Because it will bury the middle class. The rich people will have enough money to pay Obama's kind of taxes, the poor won't have to pay the taxes, and the middle class will be forced to pay it. The middle class contributes most to the economy. Like they buy cars from domestic automakers. If the middle class goes down, that means the whole economy will go on down with it.

I'll just brush over the sensitive object. He's pro-choice and isn't against partial birth abortions. He's Muslim. Muslims can do three things to infidels: tax, convert, and or kill. He plans to tax us, and tax us big, like I said above. He wants open borders. He wants to remove every man from the middle east. He doesn't want to touch Iran or North Korea.

The only reason he has any support is because he plays rock music at his rallies. He's a pop culture phenom. So was Britney Spears. Yes, I'm categorizing the two under the same category. Both have a lot of supports who really can't explain why they like 'em, except for saying "Obama rocks, that's why I like them. And if you don't your retarded". Come on! If that's a guy's supporters only argument for their support than I say Hulk Hogan should run for president. I mean after all, Hulkamania is still running wild and he's a real American. Obama doesn't even pledge allegiance to the flag. He doesn't have a single flag in his house.

Yes, I endorse Hulk Hogan for president. His vice president outta be Sgt. Slaughter. Just, what ever you do, don't vote/support Obama.

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