Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Review: 10,000 B.C.

*** (out of 5*)
Low budget acting+big budget fx= one hell of a man film

What everyone thought of would just be a typical caveman movie (lost world, 10 Million Years B.C.) turned out to be a beautiful master piece. However, at the beginning the plot moves slowly if not at all. But once it gets going you'll find yourself trying to piece together ancient prophecy of freeing slaves from an early Egypt.

Just if you plan on seeing this don't expect it to be historically accurate. I started out doing that, but than it just turned out letting me down on that. It's historic fantasy, 110%. Also, don't be one of those liberal jerk wads who want a movie to send a political message about the eviroment, or how America is evil. Because you won't get that. Instead, go to enjoy a film, don't look at it like art. It's just a fun film. IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS. The Dallas Morning news guy also didn't like Walk Hard, so that tells you how good he is.

Highlight: The epic mammoc scenes.

Lo light: The historical inaccuracy.

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