Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Don't Get It: Non-verbal messages

Okay, some guys get 'em others don't. But, regardless chicks will through them out and expect for them to be interpreted. Now, I'm not saying that's wrong of them. I mean understand and I can be like that too, so can most guys. It's just I'm cool if they don't get it. I mean its non-verbal.

Okay so recently I've been getting some non-verbal signs. I mean some where obvious others weren't. But never the less I didn't act on 'em. So, it seems today that the same person is giving me a non-verbal message saying she's bitter. The degree of bitterness could not really be determined. That's just how bad I am at picking this stuff up. But, I really think that I screwed something really great up.

This post by no means is a public apology(because that would be lamed) . But, I feel like crap for screwing up like I did. After I figured out what I did, I never felt so humbled and so little. It ain't no one's fault. Yes, I'm more guilty than the other person.

The point that I'm making here is: gentleman, whenever you think you're getting a non-verbal message, act on it. Don't be extreme in how you act on it, but don't be to conservative (no, its a different meaning, noob) about it. And to the ladies I say, be more understanding if a dude doesn't pick up on something you're trying to throw out there. I mean you can still be upset about it but me more patient. Give him more time to pick up on the non-verbal message.

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