Saturday, March 1, 2008

Movie Review: "The Other Boleyn Girl"

***(out of 5)
It's a story that all of us already know(well the the intellectual of us). But, director Justin Chadwick managed to put into into a almost two hour fairly entertaining film.
The acting was great, I mean it was an mostly Brit cast, and I have yet to see a truly bad Brit actor. On account of it's hard to tell how real they're being. But the non-Brits, such as Natalie Portman gave pretty poor performaces. Maybe that's just because I've seen Star Wars I-III to many times.
It's based on a British novel. But, how the novel is translated to the silver screen was probably a big time saver. It was full of details about the Boleyn family that will probably help me in a book report down the road.
The story line was great. It was full of a lot of twist. (maybe bordering on too many, but you can't change history) It was near impossible to tell what would happen next despite the fact that you knew how it was going to end.
It just barely short of five stars mostly because, well its a chick movie. And, as a macho-e man i will never give a chick movie more than three stars.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE FILM: The heads getting chopped off

LOW LIGHTS OF THE FILM: The middle where basically nothing happened but the dialogue went on anyways.

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