Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rundown of This Weekend In Racing (7/20-22)

This will be a new Wednesday thing were I rundown whats going on in the six racing circuits I follow. Wow, six, I don't have a life. But anyways, those six are: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Formula 1, IndyCar Series's Indy Racing League, and the American Le Mans Series. I will present them in no particular order

This weekend the Sprint Cup makes a run down at Infeneon Raceway. This oughta be interesting race and a must see. Kyle Busch has the point lead followed by Burton, Earnhardt, Edward and Johnson round out the top five. Jr. is coming off of a his fathers day victory at Michigan. But really the interesting part will be seeing what Juan Montoya does. I think he'll drive to aggressively and spin out. Also Tony Stewart fights to get off the 12th in points bubble. You can catch this race on TNT, who have done a great job this year so far, airing at 2:30 p.m. CT.

The Nationwide series visits this Milwaukee Mile this weekend. Kyle Busch, despite Being 5th in points will not run this race. Bowyer, the rookie sensation Brad Keselowski,Reutiman,and Edwards are infront of him in the points standings . Milwaukee is a fast track and watching the leaders navigate through lap traffic will be very entertaining. Watch this race as you get beat to death by the crew at ESPN 2 Saturday at 7 p.m. CT.

The Truck Series opens for the Nationwide at Milwaukee. Rowdy Busch also is dropping this ride this weekend to avoid the long flight from California to Wisconsin. The points race is pretty tight in this series with Benson, Bodine, Crafton, and Crawford making up the top five and points. This will be a yellow fest. This race is aired on Speed TV Friday at 7:30 p.m. CT.

Formula 1 visits the dirty, dirty country of France. Only 4 points separate BMW Saubers Kubica with 42 points from McClaren-Mercedes Hamilton and Ferrari's Massa who are tied. BMW Sauber enjoys a three point lead over Ferrari and McClaren is 20 points behind Sauber. This weekend watch for duking out between the top three drivers. But, keep your eye on Heiki Kovalienen of McClaren who is coming off a win in Canada. Kovalienen needs to step it up to avoid BMW Sauber and Ferrari from running away with the points. Wake up early to catch this race on Speed TV Sunday morning at 7 a.m. CT.

The IRL goes to flood ravaged Iowa this weekend. Dixon, Casterneves, Wheldon, Kanaan and Briscoe make up the top five and points. The top three seem to be running away from this. No one from the Andretti Green camp seems to be doing much with the exception of Kanaan. Marco Andretti spun out with the lead last week. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back from that. That race will be covered by ESPN 2 Sunday afternoon at 2 CT. Yeah, thats right the same time as the NASCAR race. Wow, real good scheduling. But really this race is good fore the area that has been torn apart by floods recently.

American Le Mans has the week off following a pretty good 24 Hour of Le Mans last weekend with Acura Taking the P1 class and Aston Martin taking the GT1. There was no American entries in either P1 or P2 meaning Penske stayed home despite winning last years P2. Corvette finished about a half a lap behind in the GT1 class.

Now you you know whats going on in the world of racing this weekend. Check back Monday for a review of all the action and switch ups in the point standings.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Let The Race Begin (I address the each canidates position on federal taxation)

Well, it's been official for about two weeks now; running for the white house in 2008 will be the Republican senator from Arizona, John McCain, and the Democratic senator from Illinois, Barrack Hussein Obama. In the following months I'll try to cover the campaign in my blog. For the three or for some ought people who read this you'll know how i feel about each candidate on pretty much every issue.

I believe that the Dems primary did in fact harm the parties unity. I'm not the only one saying this, any one with half a brain could see that for themselves. Hillary folks don't like Obama. They see his in experienced. Either they'll come out and vote for McCain or they'll stay home. The only prayer that the Obama camp has getting these people out is the Obama/Clinton ticket. No endorsement from Clinton could get them out.

Now I'll adress those out there who believe that the conservatives won't come out for McCain because he's isn't conservative enough. Think about it, conservative Americans are patriotic and they will take advantage of there right to vote. If anything they'll vote for McCain out of fear of having a socialist president.

Yes, boys and girls, you read it right. Barrack Obama is a socialist. One the other side of the ticket will be McCain who promises to keep taxes low for Americans. Yeah, Obama said he'll eliminate income tax for the lower quatrain of the America's wealth class but that's less than 10%. On the other hand he's raising the income tax for what seems to be the top 40% of American households. Assuming that most of the people who read this go or have gone to a private school this means the spendable money that your family has will go down. That money will be used in a social systems that encourage laziness. Obama has mentioned intent to increase unemployed benefits. Yeah, that will get people out to get jobs. Obama will also tax major corporations in this country who make "to much profit". This is what makes him dangerous. You know who else wanted to control wealth? Do you have any idea? A former nation known as the USS *freakin* R. Yeah, that oughta be some fuel for thought before you blindly endorse that man.