Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just last night I was talking to a dear friend over AIM. She noted to me that the time was 11:11. She then instructed me to make a wish. I responded with what I believe to be the greatest bit of wisdom I've ever came up with. I said, "I don't believe in wishes. I think you want something you have to make it happen."
I firmly believe that wishing is a fullish thing. I do believe that praying is more affective. But regardless of what you want, it just won't happen with you sitting around just wishing for it happen. You'll just end up getting depressed.
In my life I had discovered people wish for primarily three things: love, wealth, and longevity.
If you want love, go out, and get that girl of your dreams attention. Make her fall in love with you back. Then ask her out when you get the first opportunity. Otherwise the best that can happen is y'all will become friends. And I know that sometimes that can hurt more than you and her going in completely separate ways.
If you want wealth, get your education. Do your best in school. Do everything you can now to get workplace experience. Not only will that look good on your college application but it will also help once you get in the workplace to climb the ladder of success.
Longevity is the thing that you have the most control over. You really have to eat right. And instead of going home right after school, stay a half an hour and get some circuit work in. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, eat right, and work out if you want to be as close as possible to immortality.
I'm not really saying that there's anything wrong with wishing. All I can say, is be your own fairy godparent and make something happen. It's unbelievable how much control you really have over your life. Take advantage of it.


jc said...

I totally agree with everything you said.

It's amazing how many people can't do what you say. Because first of all, life is what we make it, not what we want it to be. Some people still have to learn to get off their asses and fight for what's write...

or in the words of the great beastie boys.

and not just sit around and mope all day like that emo kid down the street.

McCauley said...

hahahah i love this.
I remember when you and i were tlaking about that.
that quote really has influenced my life since then.

thanks for the "dear friend" comment :)