Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bipartisanship: The Change We Need Or a Threat to Democracy

Recently, mostly from the "MTV: I'm a kid but you should pretend that I matter" crowd, there has been an increase in the desire for bipartisanship in our elected leaders. Well, most of them want that to be cool. I mean the whole new thing is that everyone matters and all that. Others know that bipartisanship actually leads to more quaky liberal believes actually being put into law. People who reach across the isle for practically everything are must are weak politicians who would give into what the masses want. When, in reality bipartisanship is a direct violation for the reason why we vote in the officials in the first place.

We vote in officials via democratic vote so that they will represent us and our values and beliefs. Just take this as an example Senator A is pro-life, Senator B is pro-choice. They work together on a bill to make the limit on abortion at say around 5 months into the pregnancy. That's the kind of compromise that bipartisanship calls for. Think about it from both sides if either should truly be happy with the said compromise. The pro-life would be outraged that any life could be legally terminated at any point past conception. Whereas the pro-choice side would be insulted that there rights were limited to confine when they could terminate a pregnancy to only a few months.

The point is why would you elect someone into office just to compromise your believes. You should want partisanship to the max if you're voting make sure that who ever you vote for will stand up for you know matter what. If you vote for officials who support bipartisanship just expect for know one to get what anyone wants. That is deffently not a democratic republic.

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