Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spot light on: David Allen Coe

Now this man, David Allen Coe is a raw freaking legend. He reigns from Akron, OH. As most people in the Outlaw genre he started out with mainstream hits like:

But not long after that he broke away from the mainstream mainstream and joined the outlaw mainstream which produced this timeless sing along classic:

Then he went raw outlaw and was very far removed from any mainstream when this beauty came out:

He's a legend, with out a doubt. He's still with us and touring.

Also, he has killed a man. When he was in prison, he killed a man who demanded oral sex from him. If you can't rock out to this guy, who can you rock out to?

Stay hard y'all

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elexerdelex said...

I love david allen!
Maybe you should try to decrease your picture size... your blog would look better with a smaller picture ;)