Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let Me Clear Something Up

Sorry readers for not posting anything yesterday. I was busy as all get out. Working class teen here!

Anyways, today I was thinking about how the kinda person who reads this stuff may thinking about rednecks. I bet most of the people out there think we're all backwards people, how ever that really isn't true. So, I decided to come out with a new segment that addresses misconceptions about my people.

Today I tackle the subject of homophobia.

Myth: All Southern rednecks hate homosexuals.

Truth: In many cases (excludes the radical Christians who I wouldn't consider rednecks, to uptight) this is the exact opposite of the truth. Rednecks believe in the concept of live and let live or if you prefer:

I mean think of it, rednecks are the truest conservatives, right? And what do real conservative want? For the government to stay the hell out of what they're doing. I mean we don't want anybody coming here and telling us which guns we can buy. Therefore, we don't want the same person telling anybody who they should love. We want freedom, dang it. Complete freedom.

I'm sure you could go up to your neighborhood redneck and ask their feelings on this subject. I'm sure you would find out that they're not 100% comfortable with the idea, but they're okay with it. I know the last thing they'll want is for the government to interfere with it. Take it from me, one of my best friends is lesbian, and get mad as hell whenever anybody talks bad of her because who she loves. One thing you should know about rednecks is that we watch our friends back.

What it really comes down to is we don't care if you like dudes or chicks. We'll judge you by the person you are. Other than that Hank said it best:


Rylai said...

well said bro

tearinox said...

In 1776 the colonists were pissed that a bunch of elitists could control their lives from thousands of miles away. Today, Americans can't do what they want without being watched, fined/taxed, and controlled. A well stated post sir :)


elexerdelex said...

Well said! But I don't think the government really cares what a few billion people are doing, but they are watching just a handfull...

Toto said...

nice blog!

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